Sunday, 29 Nov 2020

10th Grader Invents Solar-Powered Illegal Logging Detection Device

Grade 10 student Maryjoise Karla Buan from Pangasinan National High School invented solar-powered device that can detect possible signs of illegal logging and kaingin.

The environmental impacts of illegal logging include the loss of forests and degradation of forests. One of the main community’s problem having devastating impact on some of the world’s most valuable remaining forest, and on the impact of climate change by increasing the emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Because of this thought, Buan makes a research, created, and develop a device to detects signs of activities as signifies of deforestation. The solar-powered detection device created an alert through sending a text message to the concerned authorities through SMS as it detects signs of slash-and-burn logging activities through flame, smoke, vibration, and sound sensors.

“Very important po yung environment tapos yung climate change and global warming bakit parang wala masyadong taong umaakto para masolusyonan ito?”  Buan said from the video featuring her research.

“Gumamit po ako ng Arduino, which is a microcontroller at siya yung nag-a-act as brain ng device. Gumamit po ako ng GSM module ng different kinds of sensors–smoke sensor, flame sensor, and sound sensor para sa sound ng chain sow,” Buan added.

With her determination, Buan received “Best Individual Research in Robotics and Intelligent Machines” during the 2019 National Science and Technology Fair of the DepEd and became her ticket to present her work in the international stage during the 2019 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in the United States recently.


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