Monday, 24 Jan 2022

Asia’s Biggest Inflatable Island

Philippine is one of the country in Asia which rich of environmental resources given by God. One of the best summer experience in Philippines is making fun engaging with water. What makes more exciting in the country aside from white sand beaches is the inflatable island.


The biggest water park in Asia located in Subic Bay, Zambales. It is Asia’s biggest floating playground not only in the Philippines but also in Asia. More exciting activities includes not only for adults but also in the kids.

Summer in the Philippines is more fun and exciting engaging with beautiful nature spots from northern tip to southern tip of the country. What makes more fun is the beach has inflatable that float in the water.

Inflatable was been built that looks like a beach plus water theme park combined for awesome adventure playground. The park has a lot of activities made of obstacle along this challenging if you failed you end up in water.




Aside from water park, guest may able to have an access to the exclusive Bali-inspired lounge onshore. The pictures taken from this beach is more Instagramable.

Before you go with these inflatable island you have to contact with these numbers:

Subic Bay Waters, Lower Kalaklan, Olongapo City, Zambales

Mobile: 0917 835 2665

Facebook: Inflatable Island PH

Instagram: @inflatableisland




P.S. Some of the photos contain in the website are not mine!


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