Sunday, 31 May 2020
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Explore Travel Buddy – Ticao Island, Masbate

Ticao island is known as an archaeological landscape, possessing thousands of pre-colonial artifacts such as the Baybayin-inscribed Rizal Stone, Ticao gold spike teeth, Burial jars of varying designs and sizes, jade beads, human face rock statues, and the Ticao petroglyphs.

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Jintotolo Island Balud, Masbate

Jintotolo is an island within the Jintotolo Channel, part of the Province of Masbate, Philippines.It constitutes two barangays of the Municipality of Balud (Barangays Cantil and Jintotolo) and has a population of 3,574 persons in the 2015 census. Its elevation was recorded at around 120 feet (37 m) in 1919.[1] A lighthouse with a tower […]

Hidden Paradise of Animasola Island San Pascual, Masbate

Masbate is endowed with rich natural resources. In line with its agriculture are other industries such as large farming, livestock and poultry raising. Along its coastal areas, fishing industry predominates. Agricultural lands are planted with rice, corn, root crops and coconut.

List of Visa Countries for Filipino Citizens To Travel

Do you love to travel the world, but hate the headache and stress you need to go through to get some travel visa? Worry no more. Filipino citizens or Philippine passport-holders can travel to some countries without the need of processing a visa. Currently, Filipinos are allowed to enter 56 countries and territories without a […]

The 7 Ultimate Man Made Wonders of the World

A worldwide poll where visitors to the site could vote for the things that they thought should be on a list of seven or 7 wonders. The 7 man made wonders of the world are the following: Great Wall of China, Lost City of Petra : Jordan Statue of Christ the Redeemer : Rio de […]

Ultimate Ten Engineering Triumphs in the World

Here are the top ten ultimate engineering in the world namely Space Station Alpha : the international space station to be completed in 2006, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge : the longest suspension bridge in world (2.5 miles), linking Kobe and Awaji in Japan, Biosphere 2 : a self-contained miniature version of the planet Earth in Arizona, CERN’s Giant Collider : […]