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Be Amaze to the Hidden Beauty of Nature in Ticao Island at Masbate

Nature is very powerful, It’s give us more satisfaction not only in one person but all of us. Sometimes we do not recognize it,Instead we destroy it. So lets love the mother nature because nature can help us to removed our problem gives us more time to think and relax Just like in Masbate City they are also gifted by the mother nature given a rich natural beauty and resources. Take note when it comes to gold mining Masbate is one of the rich when it comes to gold that can be easily found in Aroroy Masbate City

hey travelers and adventurists why don’t you try to witness the beauty of nature of Ticao Island in Masbate come  and get ready to be amaze to the hidden beauty of nature in Ticao Island at Masbate City. Its easy to travel from Manila to Ticao Island because it is part of Luzon, one hour on an airplane from Manila to Legaspi but half day if you travel south road. So I challenge you to visit Ticao Island at Masbate City.

It is the place where full of surprises. One of the most visited place here of most tourist around the world is the Manta Bowl it is a place for dream vacation for all who wants privacy. They have their own white sand beach and white and clear water. There you can eat fresh sea foods like crabs, shrimp fresh fish and sea shell in a very affordable prize.This Ticao Island is perfect for the divers because twenty minutes from Ticao Island you will reach manta bowl thirty meters deep water where you can swim with the manta ray and whale shark.

From Masbate City you will reach Buntod Marine Sanctuary the water is so clear and they have also their white sand bar rich in coral reef. You can enjoy swimming with different creature under the water.



So what are you waiting for? Be the one to experience the beauty of Ticao Island in Masbate because in this place people are amazing when it comes to visitors.


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