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Best Time To Visit Philippines

Best Time To Visit Philippines

The Philippines is a place that has been inhabited for as long as humans have walked the planet. It is one of the most underrated and underdeveloped countries but also a place of natural beauty, culture and history.

The country recently joined what you call ‘the club’-one of the world’s top 20 economies-and has adopted a more liberal stance on travel, meaning it is easy to get in and out with little hassle or trouble. Here are some great reasons you should visit this tropical paradise soon!

In an effort to make your next vacation more rewarding, we’re listing some of our favorite destinations to visit in Southeast Asia on our blog today. Check out our top picks that include the best time to visit Philippines. With an equator around so much of the country, it’s no surprise that the Philippines is one of the hottest destinations in Southeast Asia. In fact, due to its tropical climate, the country features plenty of interesting flora and fauna that you won’t find in other areas of Southeast Asia.

If you want to visit some of the most beautiful and exotic islands – not to mention beautiful beaches – then schedule a trip during your next vacation season. The best time to visit Philippines is during the months of March, April, May, June, and July. Here’s why:

These months generally have less rainfall than other months of the year. The lack of rain and humidity means that it’s comfortable for tourists to explore the popular beaches in some of the most popular islands like Palawan, Boracay, Cebu, and Luzon.

To make sure you can enjoy your vacation even more, plan your trip during one of these lengthy holidays in February – April:

Chinese New Year (February 16 – February 19)

Maundy Thursday (March 22) – Good Friday (March 30) – Black Saturday (April 1), and Easter Sunday (April 2). These are additional holidays celebrated in the Philippines.and May. With the exception of some typhoons in the summer in some areas, this is a great time to visit. If you want something a bit cooler, then visiting Philippines from October through March will give you much more comfortable environment and a tad less rain.

The warmest months are from February to May, while the coolest months are from December through February. It isn’t uncommon for temperatures to exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit in some of the islands in the south of Luzon during this season or even see some brief showers and thunderstorms.

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