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Everything You Need to Know in Dublin Ireland

Everything You Need to Know in Dublin Ireland

Everything You Need to Know in Dublin Ireland. Steps to Planning a Trip. Packing for Your Trip. Weather Considerations Security Issues Safety Concerns. The History of Dublin, Ireland The Language. Ireland’s Wild Side: National Parks and Beaches Animals in Ireland Famous Irish People.

Everything You Need to Know in Dublin Ireland. Best Places to Visit in Dublin, Ireland Where to Eat in Dublin, Ireland Shopping in Dublin, Ireland What to Do Outside of the City What Language Should You Learn? How Much Money Should I Bring? Why is the Currency Called the Euro? Numbers and Measurements Currency Exchange Stations Helpful Websites to Plug Into When You’re There Lastly, What Kind of Passport Do I Need? If You Stayed Longer…If You’re On A Budget.

Everything You Need to Know in Dublin Ireland. Safety Concerns Safety is a major concern in Ireland. The country has a high crime rate, and is very violent. Most of the crime is concentrated in certain areas of Dublin and Belfast. The most dangerous city in Europe is probably Glasgow, possibly with Belfast coming in a close second. That said, it’s very difficult to get robbed or attacked here. I didn’t meet anyone who had been mugged or lost their purse/wallet, but they did tell me that someone stole their bicycle from outside their hotel room door once.

For a fairly safe place to travel it would have to be the West of Ireland. In case you aren’t aware, the west coast has been referred to as “the wild west” because of the high crime rate there. There are five tourist towns/areas on the western coast that are considered safe, and each one is much more protected from crime than any other areas in Ireland. In addition to that, Dublin and its suburbs are fairly safe as well. Even though they have a high population density, they don’t have much in the way of violent crime.

The most violent city in Ireland is Belfast, but the area south of the city is also quite dangerous. It doesn’t help that you are within sight of the border with Northern Ireland. Every morning you’ll see protestors holding signs saying “I don’t want to kill you, I just want my country back.” It’s quite unnerving if you’re not well-prepared for it. You can find more information about safety concerns here.

If it’s anywhere outside of Dublin and the west coast, be prepared for extreme weather conditions. I know that sounds like something out of Game of Thrones, but it’s true! The kindest thing to say about Ireland would be that it’s mixed between British and continental.

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