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Experience Sicogon Island in Carles, Iloilo

Philippines is a paradise and well blessed country in terms of the natural resources, beautiful spots and well accommodate people who truly beautiful with a heart. A country where in 7,107 islands are found. Breathtaking wonders that will surely captivate the eyes of anyone.



We can’t deny that sometimes we’re stress, we want to unwind, free ourselves from any problems, negativity that can be consider as a toxic in our mind. We want to relax, find a place where in we can do things that’ll make us feel better, and free ourselves from anything and most especially to spend our precious time with our family.




And sometimes we prefer to go to the beach. Feel the breeze of the wind, hearing the waves of the ocean that will actually makes you feel better, relax, and forget all those things that keeps bothering you.




One of the best place that you can find in the Philippines is Sicogon Island. Sicogon Island can be found in the Northern Part of Iloilo. It was named after the plant “Genus Imperata” or Cogon, a tall grass that is highly dominated in the Island. Sicogon Island is 11,200 hectares wide.



It is also looks like Boracay because of its white and fine sand. Since before it was found to have a very beautiful and well known resort, and one of the best vacation spot of Filipino artist and foreigners. Sicogon Island composed of three (3) Barangay, the Brgy. Buaya, San Fernando, and Brgy. Alibata.




Sicogon Island is very rich when it comes to the natural resources, featuring the beauty that will surely captivates the eyes and heart of many. A place that will relax your mind and soul. The overwhelming beauty of nature and the picturesque view of the ocean will surely makes your stay enjoyable and worth it.


Sicogon Island has its own numerous resort which trippers can stay and unwind. The opulent views of tall trees and ocean feels like you’re being welcome. You will surely the state of “Euphoria” by appreciating the view, just like watching the blue sky that reflects on the sea, and the white sand that will embrace your feet.


The natural scent of the plus the heat of the sun, the cold water that will sent shivers down to your spine. Also you could enjoy some water activities like boating, cliff diving and a chance to see the underwater creatures. If you don’t want to get wet but still want to have fun, you could also try the inland activity, just like, hiking to the Mount “OPAO”. Opao, that in Visaya means “Kalbo” or the absence of hair. And in Mount Opao the tip of the mountain doesn’t surrounded by the trees or plant so it’s been called Opao.


If you want a romantic and alluring sight, you could do the bay watching, as the sun sets while waiting and welcoming the night.


For the food, you could try the tasty, fresh delicious seafood they could offer, like scallops and different variety of fishes.



For the accommodation, they have also reserve places where in the day “trippers” and “overnighters” can stay. Surely you can enjoy your stay in Sicogon Island in Carles Iloilo. “ENJOY”


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