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Explore Travel Buddy – Ticao Island, Masbate

Ticao island is known as an archaeological landscape, possessing thousands of pre-colonial artifacts such as the Baybayin-inscribed Rizal Stone, Ticao gold spike teeth, Burial jars of varying designs and sizes, jade beads, human face rock statues, and the Ticao petroglyphs.

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Much of the homes in Ticao island use these archaeological finds to design their interiors. The island is also an ecological frontier for the conservation of manta rays. The island also possesses a ‘rare subspecies’ of Visayan warty pig, that is almost near extinction.





How do you get to Ticao Island Masbate?

Explore Travel Buddy - Ticao Island, Masbate - 4If you’re coming from Manila, you can go all the way to Masbate from Quezon City by bus. Buses like the RoRo Bus and Bicol Isarog leave Cubao and are loaded onto roll-on-roll-off boats between Pilar port in Sorsogon and Masbate City. Travel time is from 16 to 18 hours.





Through an airplane

Explore Travel Buddy - Ticao Island, Masbate - 1The closest airports to Ticao Island Resort are the LEGAZPI and the MASBATE airports. We recommend flying into LEGAZPI since the infrastructure for travel to the island is better. Masbate is an up and coming destination, so transport from Masbate City to Ticao Island Resort is not yet very good.

From MANILA to LEGAZPI – daily flights with Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines

From CEBU to LEGAZPI – daily flights with Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines

From MANILA to MASBATE – daily flights with Cebu Pacific

From CEBU to MASBATE – twice weekly with Philippine Airlines; daily flights with Cebu Pacific

From CLARK to MASBATE –three times weekly with Philippine Airlines


Masbate to Ticao Island

Explore Travel Buddy - Ticao Island, MasbateFrom the Masbate City Airport take a tricycle to the Masbate City Port. The tricycle will charge PHP50 to PHP70 for this 15 minute ride.

From the Masbate City Port, take a ferry to Lagundi which is about a 30 minute ride and will cost PHP120 per passenger. There are two types of ferries between Masbate and Lagundi, the outrigger wooden ferries and the larger steel vessels called the RORO.

From Lagundi, get a jeepney, bus or van to San Jacinto. Public jeepneys, vans, and buses are normally available in the morning only. The fare is PHP100 to PHP150 per seat depending on the mode of transportation.

From San Jacinto, take either a motorcycle (approximately 45 minutes) or hire a boat to Ticao Island Resort (approximately 20-30min). The motorcycle rate is PHP200 per motorcycle with 1 person riding behind the driver. You may sometimes be able to get a small boat to take you from San Jacinto port to Ticao Island Resort for PHP800. The owner of Bam’s Restaurant in San Jacinto has a small boat and if you drop by there, you may be able to ask them to take you to the resort.

Alternatively, from the Lagundi Port, you can get a motorcycle to take you directly to Ticao Island Resort. This will cost PHP700 for 1 motorcycle with 1 person riding behind the driver.

Total travel time (not including layovers/waiting time) is approximately 3 hours at a cost of PHP500 to PHP900.


Ticao Island Activities:


Boating and Fishing

Spend  time on a fishing trip with a local fisherman. This is best done early in the morning.Explore Travel Buddy - Ticao Island, Masbate - 3
The fisherman will show you the local way of fishing. He will share his way of life and some of the ocean’s secrets.






Horseback riding

Ticao Island Resort offers horses that you can hire on an hourly basis and will take you on a horseback tour around the area. If you’re planning to stay for a few days, you can choose the “Own a Horse” option, which allows you to have a horse of your own for the duration of your stay.


Scuba Diving

Ticao Island is heaven for avid scuba divers. Here, you can check out Manta Bowl, a dive site that manta rays love to visit because of its high population of cleaner wrasse. The waters in Manta Bowl have a drift current and is full of plankton








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