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Indonesia Beaches Top Rated to Visit

Indonesia Beaches Top Rated to Visit Not to Missed

Indonesia Beaches Top Rated to Visit. I know you have so many plans to visit this year but not Indonesia is one of your first choice but let me introduce to you why you have to consider visiting Indonesia. It is one of the country members of Southeast Asia which means it is rich in diverse natural resources along with the beauty of nature.

Indonesia having the giant size with more than 17,000 islands with more people for almost 240million up but truly remarkable when it comes to the pride beauty of nature. It is the second tropical largest forest which has a lot to offers like dive sites, surfing and amazing hikes to volcanoes and wildlife.

Here are some Indonesia beaches top rated to visit that you did not want to miss to travel and I’m sure you will enjoy of this kind of place.

PINK BEACH, FLORES – A beach that is remarkable because of its characteristics and color. This king of beach is so amazing when it comes to the color of the sand which is pink. I’ve been mesmerized the beach since I saw it on Instagram post.

After seeing this in Instagram, I was so confused why this beach has that kind of color, maybe because of scientific phenomena which is I believe in Science. I started to search this beach online and found out what I’ve learned.

It’s turned out that the Beach was totally pink and it is located within the Komodo National Park from which there are some magical stories about it, hence I don’t believe in superstitious stories without scientific proven.

The sand of the beach is mix of shells, coral and calcium carbonate which makes the color of it. The beach is said to get its color from microscopic animals called Foraminifer, hence these tiny little creatures have pink shells and live in coral along the beach.


TANJUNG AAN BEACH, LOMBOK – One of the most beautiful beaches and it is located from the eastern part of Kuta which is very popular sunset spot along the coconuts tree. The beach offered cooked food for lunch or fresh fruits.

One of my friends said that he enjoyed so much and shared his personal experienced travelling this beach. He said, he enjoyed eating coconuts most of the time because its little sweetness of taste.

It is ideal spot for beginners who want to surf. Swimming along the beach is refreshing which it offers blue crystal clear in the most turquoise water. With many shops to rent snorkeling gear at, explore the colorful marine life off Tanjung Aan Beach.

Relax inside the bamboo loungers and find local restaurants as well that caters tourist who want to eat seafoods. It has hilly landscapes home to sparkling white sand and crystal-clear water lining the beach.

Tanjung has a lot of approaches which may tourist enjoyed within the shoreline and explore colorful marine life under the ocean. It is also popular places for swimmers and snorkelers.


NYANG NYANG BEACH, BALI – It is said to be the cleanest and most beautiful beach so far along with white sand and turquoise waters and must in your travel bucket list this year. Here’s why.

It is located in southern region of Bali in the Bukit Peninsula. The beach offers an amazing cliff straight to the ocean along the greenery that covers the cliff. It is even more beautiful taking photos around the sunset between 6-7pm.

The viewpoint is at the top of the Nyang beach cliffs where you can see the panoramic view of the place. It has 1.5 kilometer stretch of white sand of the coast of the beach.

Bali’s rainy season runs from October to April, with the wettest months being December and January. No matter what the season you can expect a tropical, warm and humid climate all year round.

Many tourists attract of the artwork of the sides which Bali vessels make for an awesome taking photos. Don’t miss this thing, hence this is the landmarks of the beach taking some amazing photo along this remarkable vessel.


PADAR ISLAND, FLORES – Perfect for sailing trip and experienced the most instagenic photo spot from the top of the hill in this island and enjoy the eagle view of the entire island.

Captivating the view from the summit with huge golden landscapes, blue water and colorful beaches that wait for you and try to visit in Padar island. The highlight of this island is top breathtaking view along the way.

It is located within the Komodo National Park in Flores, Indonesia where to get there is through the boat tour from Labuan Bajo. What to expect at Padar Island?

A 20-minute hike to reach the viewpoint where you can see the beautiful spot that catch from sunrise to sunset along the golden landscape by dazzling azure waters. It has also nearby beaches such as Komodo Island and Pink Beach.


KARIMUNJAWA ISLANDS, CENTRAL JAVA – A hidden paradise of Java, Indonesia which is an archipelago of 27 islands north of Semarang from the coast. The place offers the most beautiful beaches and sea along the clear blue sea water.

A small town in Central Jawa where Karimunjawa island is about 80kilometers northwest of Jepara. A beautiful sea getaway of tranquil white beaches and fix of snorkeling or diving as well where the coral reefs are also protected for environmental concerns.

It is best to go during the dry season of April to October where the climate condition is sunny along the Indonesia of a tropical climate. Be there with this recommended date to enjoy full with this amazing travel experience with the island.

What to expect from this island? Well, you can go for island hopping for snorkeling by renting a boat and travel from one island to another island as much you can explore beautiful beaches along the island. Pulau Tengah, Tanjung Gelam and Menjangan Besar are nearby small island to explore.

If you want some adrenaline rush where you may experience swimming along the blue white crystal-clear water together with some sharks in Menjangan island. Don’t worry for your safety as the travel guide assistant will ensure your 100percent safety from the shark.


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