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Indonesia Best Beaches to Offer

Indonesia Best Beaches to Offer

Indonesia best beaches has a lot to offer creating the mother nature unique characteristics that makes the beaches even more beautiful.

Here are the lists of Indonesia best beaches:

Indonesia Best Beaches to Offer Pantai Air Manis

PANTAI AIR MANIS – Located at the heart of Padang City approximately 10 kilometers from the southern part. The beach receive crowd because of its characteristics. It is known for small waves in a beautiful panorama which is considered one of the popular tourist destinations. What makes the beach so beautiful is it is nearby of Mount Padang where it is visible from the distance. The beach has a lot to offers when it comes to foods. There, there are some delicious seafoods like grilled fish. You may try the kapau rice as well and another offered snack to eat. From the beach there some facilities to do other activities such as motorboat and ATV rentals. The beach has its own local folk legend known as Batu Malin Kundang stone. It is believed that the stones are a man named Malin Kundang with his ship and turned to stone. According to the legend, it happened who’s named Malin was arrogant after being rich. Kind of interesting story huh?! That’s why these stones are one also a popular tourist spot here in Indonesia from which the legend is very interesting to tourist who come to the beach. The stone is eroded with sea waves. The crowd begin to start to fall in beach during the school holiday season or Eid. One of the main attractions of the beach is the stone that is made of folk legend.

Indonesia Best Beaches to Offer Prol Tunggal Beach

PROL TUNGGAL BEACH – The beach offers a best sea scenery and charm of the sea waves plus the beauty of the place. The beauty of features of the beach like the texture which is so soft sands and the appearance is astonishing which means the tourist can explore the shoreline even without footwear. There is formation of Duras trees that grows abundantly which is best for photography and you can climb on it and enjoy the scene of the sea. Nearby cliffs and take some photos and are quite amazing. The presence of the clip makes the beach amazing. Some says, there are several monkeys in the cliffs. From the are there is a freshwater fountain where locals often take advantage to use the water for their living. The beach also has its nearby attractions such as Watulawang beach, Watunene beach, and Seruni beach.

Indonesia Best Beaches to Offer Ora Beach

ORA BEACH – Indonesian hidden paradise which is second longest coastline in the world which has a lot to offers like beautiful beaches. The beach is from remote areas and perfect for eco-travelers. It has wooden cottages along the white sand and overlooking crystal clear waters with limestone cliffs and majestic mountains. It is located on the Island of Seram in Maluko Tengah. It is settled in the village of Saleman, Northern Seram District, Central Maluku where it has 6 pieces of cottages and all made of wood. Beautiful beach like this looks like Boracay beach in the Philippines which has a lot to offers.

Indonesia Best Beaches to Offer Papuma Beach

PAPUMA BEACH – It is located in Jember City that has many exotic beaches. The beach has fine white sand with blue crystal-clear water. The beach is a small land that connects to the sea directly into the Indian Ocean. The beach is within the perimeter of Meru Betiri National Park area which is closely commercializing the beach. To access the beach roads had been develop into asphalt roads and built bridges that help the tourist for convenience transportation going to the beach. It is located next to Watu Ulo beach from which you can directly pass the beach through Watu Ulo beach. Since there are some development on the road but due to some factors like weather which asphalt road is not good so far where rain is continues to erode the asphalt.  You may experience of some unnecessary and not so smooth transportation. The beach has its own parking area, Islamic prayer room, papuma vihara, off course lodging, camping area, and many more.  You may also to enjoy water recreation and activities through many boats of various shapes to ride on. Introducing their foods especially the tasty seafoods and vegetables as well. It has a hill which it called obligatory spot where at the top you can view and witness with your eyes the beautiful scenes of nature. Looking the white sand spot along the beach which makes the place so stunning.

Indonesia Best Beaches to Offer Trikora Beach

TRIKORA BEACH – A beach with a long stretch of separate beach also best known as Trikora Beach Four which waves can be strong if windy and receives a lot of tourist. There are a lot of activities to offer such as island hopping, jungle tours, kelong tours, fishing, picnicking, and volley ball. It has kite surfing which is the beach is quite windy sometimes because of its temperature and climate. You can buy and eat dried fish, fresh fish, and other seafoods offered by the restaurants for quite cheap and affordable like Philippines. Beach has main restaurant such as Ocean bay that offers delicious and fresh seafoods like clams, shells and fish. YY Resort and Restaurant offers mediocre food serve on an open trace. Sun Moon Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner that has popular seafood to eats. Nightlife is one of the corners of the island which virtually nonexistent.


TANJUNG KELAYANG BEACH – Off the eastern coat of Sumatra in Belitung which is the island is blessed with an amazing landscape, divine beaches and beautiful scenery. A vast integrated resort following the government’s policy that designated the area as a 324.38-hectare Special Economic Zone. It has huge granite formation extended to the sea. The beach also has its own thematic hotels and exclusive offers. The people there are very warm, hospitable and friendliness which is part of their culture and behavior. They were so kind in accommodating the tourist. You will definitely experience a vacation amazing like you never had lately. Explore Tanjung Kelayang is by just renting a car. There, you can start fishing a small boat together with local farmers. It is also an embark to and island hoping adventure.

Indonesia Best Beaches to Offer COASTAK SHARKS TEERT

COASTAK SHARKS TEERT – A beach where there is existence of range of rocks scattered along the coast. A unique characteristic where the beach has no sand but instead a rock that comprises on it. The waters around the coast filled with clusters of rocks rise up to 10 meters that looks like in the film avatar. It is an extraordinary view which you cannot ignored. It is more beautiful when the sunrise up creating more interesting part to the visitor to witness the enchanting star gazing even on night behind on a clear night. Coastak Sharks is located at Kelumbayan Shark Tooth Beach, Kelumbayan District, Tanggamus Regency Lampung, Indonesia.


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