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Indonesia Best Tourist Places to Visit

Indonesia Best Tourist Places to Visit

Indonesia Best Tourist Places to Visit. Southeastern Asia archipelago between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. The land area with a total of 1,904,569 square kilometer with its land boundaries 2,958 kilometer. It is measured from claimed archipelagic straight baselines which most of the terrain is coastal lowlands and larger islands with interior mountains.

Indonesia is tropical country that comprises hot, humid and more moderate in highlands which is known that the country contains the most volcanoes of any country in the world with large scale deforestation and related wildfire that cause heavy smog. The Sunda Shelf within the territory along the Java Seas is relatively low relief wherein there’s a lot of several coral reefs and it is not volcanic.

The country has the world’s largest Muslim population and biggest in Southeast Asia when it comes to the economy which makes the languages Indonesia with 300 regional languages.

Indonesia Best Tourist Places to Visit

MEDAN– it is the largest city in Sumatra Island and capital of the place which is an economic hub of big commercial place. Indonesia is rich in various foods just like in this place which known for its delectable culinary sports that rich in many flavors. One of the busies place so it is expected of too much traffic and noisy minibuses and other means of transportation. One of the famous snacks in the town is Bolu Meranti one of a kind of sponge cake with different buttercream choices.

Visit the Maimoon Palace to witness the historical culture of Royal heritage and taste the durian fruit or cake known as Markisa. Expect to find amazing local products from the place and feel the presence of waterfalls and hot water springs to unwind.

Indonesia Best Tourist Places to Visit - raja ampat

RAJA AMPAT – A breathtaking view from above with hectic concrete jungles and a paradise of Mother Nature. The place is coated with beautiful, enchanting, magnificent and fascinating physical nature.

The name Raja Ampat believed the legend of a woman who found seven eggs and hatch the four which comprises the four main islands while the rest became a stone. It is the ultimate experiences with various type of corals for over 540 of types and various type of fish which includes mollusks which make the island rich and diverse in coral reefs and other marine life resource.

Indonesia Best Tourist Places to Visit - banyuwangi

BANYUWANGI– located in eastern most city in Java where you will experience the first sunrise in the place. It has legendary blue flames that came from rocks when you try to climb up in the mountain hike to Banyuwangi to the crater. The flames coming out from yellow sulphurous rock from the spring. The place is famous for its blue fire.

Other than which is the place has a lot to offer which perfect spots for surfing the Plennngkung Beach which is considered the next best waves for surfing after Hawaii. It has amazing roll of waves which is best for surfing experience. Want beach to explore? Here is the Red Beach or Pantai Merah which is good also for surfing and it is less risky if you don’t want more waves to roll out. The beach has stunning view of sunsets that attract tourist attractions. It is also good for kite and wind surfing hence the climate is best for these adventures.

Indonesia Best Tourist Places to Visit - Bintan Island

BINTAN ISLAND – It has a lot to offer which the place has high-end resorts, world class golf and offers amazing beauty of nature.

Bintan Lagoon Resort which located in the island which covers 23,000 hectares along the which coast which is good for recreational activities.

Penyengat Island is the restored Sultan’s place which rich of historical a well-known landmark astonishing Sultan of Riau Grand Mosque.

How about Trikora Beach and Senggarang, Sebung Village? These place offers amazing features of nature that comprises the island. Trikora Beach with amazing long stretch clear crystal water beaches, a popular seaside along the shores of Bintan island. Other than that, Senggarang Village comprises the prominent Chinese and the traditions while Sebung is the best place for seafoods. The place is abundant of fresh seafood served in the restaurants.

Indonesia Best Tourist Places to Visit - Jakarta

JAKARTA – the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia. Offers the central district for multi-corporate business and other services. This city is divided into 5 districts such as Jakarta Pusat, Jakarta Utara, Jakarta Barat, Jakarta Timur, and Jakarta Selatan.

These five cities consist of megacities around Jakarta where you can find historical landmarks of place namely Monas, The Merdeka Palace, The National Museum, Istiqlal Mosque, The Jakarta Cathedral, and Monumen Selamat Datang.

The capital city where you can find also big shopping malls, and breathtaking skyscraper hotels at the heart of the place. Jakarta is a gateway to explore nearby islands such as Bidadari, Tidung, Pari and Pulau Macan.

YOGYAKARTA – This is a place where you located the magnificent temples of Borobudur, Prambanan, and Mataram kingdom ranges between from 8th to 17th centuries. It has foremost cultural centers of Indonesia from the museum of the Kraton which is the Sultan’s Palace which chasing in famous temple.

The place host other adventure activities wher you can explore the Mount Merapi Nation Park, Mount Nglanggeran in the village. Climbing in Siung beach and other caving experience in Jomblang cave.

Indonesia Best Tourist Places to Visit - Bandung

BANDUNG – located from southeast of Jakarta that can be get into it through toll road. It offers scenic areas and variety of attractions which is cool for instagrammers. The place is rich in cultures from which local people experience traditional dance with traditional bamboo musical instrument played in an orchestra presentation with delightful music shaking the Angklung and perform Sundanese dance and music.

The place is literary turned upside down for your selfie tourist attractions offers a good range of spot of unique hundred photos even in 3D effects.

Indonesia Best Tourist Places to Visit - Lombok

LOMBOK – Offers divine beaches and majestic Mt. Rinjani which has a lot of marine life to discover for tourist attractions. With the trek up steep of volcanic peaks along with the spectacular natural beauty to offer. Mount Rinjani is one of the highest volcano is Indonesia with 3,726 meters above sea level with its scenic view located on the top of the volcano.

 And that is the best places to visit in Indonesia. Now its time for you to choose of what to see, what to do and plan your trip out of these best destination travel offered by the country.

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