Monday, 24 Jan 2022

Jintotolo White sand Beach and Islet

Looking for a place to rest and relax without worrying of any disturbances? You want to experiences a fresh air? Looking for a historical place and do you want a white sand beach or islet accompanied by deep blue sea? Will all of these can be found in Jintotolo Island Masbate City. A place that has not been discovered yet.


So what are you waiting for come and join us in this little paradise. There you can experiences the real life in a province how good and easy living in a place where there is no noise air pollution and over crowd. People there are very hospitable and leaving in a peaceful harmony.


Look how beautiful the white sand beach is in the islet with the deep blue sea. It can be one of the most beautiful beach resort in the future if it will be discovered. These photo is not edited but true. So you can judge it for it is the real Jintotolo island. They are also very rich in natural resources specially the sea foods like crabs, shrimp and other fresh fish.

They have the light house made during Spanish period. You can easily visit the place for it is open to everyone no pay because it is free for everyone. On top of the light house you can enjoy the wonderful view of the island for you can also see the nearest place here.


You can see the City of Masbate, Roxas City, Panay Island, Sapatos Island, Sapatilyo, Olotayan, Higante Island and Sibuyan Island. You can easily travel some of the beautiful and nearest places around here at affordable prize.

Experience the very clear and crystal water brought to you by the nature of this island. You can also walk around the island without a cost for it is not discovered yet. All you have to do is to walk and enjoy as long as you can.


Tips, Bring the following:

  • Emergency light
  • Power bank
  • Tent if you want to stay the whole night.
  • 1 galloon mineral water if stay for whole night
  • Foods like rice and others.
  • You can buy there also a fresh or dried fish.


Schedule of trip:

  • From Masbate City to Calumpang   7:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • From Calumpang to Jintotolo 7:30 am
  • From calumpang to jintotolo  12:00 noon



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