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Major Festivals in the Philippines

Major Festivals in the Philippines

The Philippines is an amazing country made up of wonderful people who love to celebrate.

One of the most popular festivities in the Philippines is celebrated every November with the Philippine-wide celebration of Bonifacio Day. It’s a little known fact that this holiday is actually used as an excuse for Filipinos to party, and it has become one of our most anticipated celebrations. The closest parallels that we can make are Mardi Gras or Carnival.

The centerpiece of Bonifacio Day is the ever-popular Parada, which is a parade that occurs in almost every barangay. People dress in costumes and stage dances to commemorate the life of Emilio Aguinaldo, one of the founders of the Philippine Republic.

But these parades are more than simple displays of culture; they are also an opportunity to show off their most colorful and outrageous creations. There’s nothing like a Filipino party without food and drink involved, so food vendors line up along parade routes to sell treats like fried chicken and sweet rolls to celebrate this holiday.

Like almost every other Filipino celebration out there, Bonifacio Day has its origins in religion as well as politics. It was actually declared by the government of Emilio Aguinaldo as a memorial for his death and adopted as a holiday in honor of the 1st Philippine Republic. But this was also about politics.

First, it was officially declared on November 30th, but since there were only twelve months in that year, November 30th had to be changed to December 30th. And second, Bonifacio had been a revolutionary who fought for freedom against the Spanish and the American. So this became a celebration in favor of the Filipino freedom fighters’ ideals: a republic under Filipinos’ control.

The holiday has lost a little bit of its credibility in recent years, but this is because of the antics of the present day politicians. Instead of promoting freedom and democracy, they are celebrating themselves by throwing these huge parties.

And while they’re at it, they try to remind us that other countries still don’t understand us (like the Chinese were in 1963), and we need one another to be successful.

The most well-known celebration for Bonifacio Day is held every November 30th in Tarlac City.

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