Tuesday, 26 Oct 2021

Mind-Blowing Singapore Interesting Facts You Never Knew

Singapore is known for its Singlish, Marina Bay Sands, and of course, it is Chicken Rice. Singapore has so many wonderful things to see and do that it is little wonder that it is one of Asia’s top tourist destinations. Like these facts about Singapore that will amaze you.

Here’s some facts you never knew about Singapore!

Singapore has the biggest Yakult bottles in Southeast Asia

There were no lions in this Lion City

There’s a ‘Hug Me’ Coca-Cola machine in Singapore

Singapore really should score high on any list given the way it enforces cleanliness and tidiness.

Singapore also fines people for putting spent chewing gum anywhere other than a bin ($100), for urinating in lifts ($500), and for failing to flush a public lavatory ($100).

Singapore Changi Airport is consistently voted the world’s best airport in both industry and consumer polls.

Supertrees – Singapore has 18 man-made “trees” between 25 and 50 meters tall, each loaded up with intricate vertical gardens. The colossal solar-powered supertrees are part of the 250-acre Gardens by the Bay. The evening light show gives you a neon appreciation for Singapore’s unique relationship with nature.

World’s highest, largest rooftop pool The view from Marina Bay Sands’ world’s highest 495-foot rooftop pool is truly magnificent. Swarms of people take selfies here every day to prove it.

Singapore is home to two of the world’s three most expensive buildings (including the high-rise “stranded surfboard,” formally known as Marina Bay Sands), a concert hall shaped like a durian fruit and a museum that looks like a split banana.

The Merlion, a half-fish, half-lion beast, is a fitting symbol of Singapore. The “Singa” or lion represents the animal that a Sumatran prince saw which resembled a lion, and the fish is a tribute to Singapore’s history as “Temasek”, the ancient sea town.

Singapore is a stopover point for thousands of migratory birds travelling the East Asian Flyway.



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