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Nature Escaped to Dicasalarin Cove Experience in Baler Aurora

Baler is located from north-east of Manila where it is a municipality and capital of the province of Aurora, Philippines. The place is accessible through land transportation wherein the geographical formation is mountainous.




The municipality of Baler has 13 barangays with average number of population. Since it is a mountainous area wherein you can find beautiful tourist spot such as cave and beautiful views all over the place.


The municipality itself has rich in culture wherein you feel their values of being hospitable. Their culture has evolve mixed with Spanish culture where some of the parts of the place observe the ways of Spain.

The municipality has its own pride aside from public market and outer banks Labasin-Sabang beach wherein the most tourist spot attracts more tourist is the view of Baler Bay from Ermita Hill and the Dicasalarin cove with such amazing view.

Discalarin cove is located from Baler, Aurora here in the Philippines. From above going down wherein you have to clime about 170 step stairway to heaven and see the brilliant effect of view at the top of the lighthouse.


Reaching the top is remarkable wherein you get an amazing view from left to right of the whole Dicasalarin here at Baler, Aurora.



Some Tips

  • I suggested to travel as early as possible to catch the amazing view early with less sunlight since late time arrival from the place still gives you the amazing view but too much sunlight waves to skin.


  • Bring with some foods and water if you plan to stay longer in the said place.


  • Catching the amazing view at the top is remarkable feeling wherein you see the whole of Discasalarin but you have to exert much extra cautious in stepping on it especially in climbing the light house or other parts of the place wherein it is little bit hilly.


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