Monday, 27 May 2019

List of Visa Countries for Filipino Citizens To Travel

Do you love to travel the world, but hate the headache and stress you need to go through to get some travel visa? Worry no more. Filipino citizens or Philippine passport-holders can travel to some countries without the need of processing a visa. Currently, Filipinos are allowed to enter 56 countries and territories without a […]

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Ultimate Ten Engineering Triumphs in the World

Here are the top ten ultimate engineering in the world namely Space Station Alpha : the international space station to be completed in 2006, Akashi Kaikyo Bridge : the longest suspension bridge in world (2.5 miles), linking Kobe and Awaji in Japan, Biosphere 2 : a self-contained miniature version of the planet Earth in Arizona, CERN’s Giant Collider : […]

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Seven Wonders of the Modern World

The list of seven wonders of the modern world are Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, Suez Canal, Golden Gate Bridge, Dneproges Dam on the Dnepr River in Russia, Atomic Energy Research Establishment at Harwell, England and Alaska (Alcan) Highway. Many organizations have created their own more recent lists, but each one is different, and none […]

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Seven Wonders of the Medieval World 

There are a couple of odd choices here. Stonehenge is old enough to be classified with the Ancient Wonders, although this may not have been known when the list was compiled. Even though many of the structures in this list were built much earlier than Medieval Ages, some even in ancient world category, but only […]

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