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Patio Beach: A beautiful Treasure Located at Basiao, Ivisan Capiz

Philippines is very blissful for having too much of blessings especially when it comes to various tourist spots from almighty God, and Ivisan Capiz is one of the places which is gifted when it comes to different tourist vacation spotted in this area, and most of this are beaches located at Basiao, Ivisan, Capiz.


One of the beaches that I can recommend to you guys, is this Patio Beach which enrich in its natural beauty, white fine-sand, refreshing and relaxing water, and most of all the environment which is very clean wherein there are some personnel’s who’s in-charge in terms of cleaning that’s why you will not seeing some waste materials like plastic cups, junk foods, plastic bottle and many more, and oh! One more thing, there are some staff who told us to try our best to put some of our trash in the trash bin.

Many foreigners and local tourist visit to the different tourist spot in Philippines. They visit to have fun, relax and to relieve their selves from stress, and I and my family decided to have a short vacation, and we pick a place that are worth-visiting. We are currently living in Ilaya- Ivisan, so the transportation is just easy for us because we rent a tricycle to take us in there, I think we arrived less than an hour, we arrive almost 7:00 in the morning.

And from Ilaya-Ivisan to Basiao we spent P400.00, or else you can ride a tricycle or a jeepney to take you in patio beach from the municipality of Ivisan to basiao. As we arrived at patio beach, I really felt cold because of the cold breeze coming from the wind. The surroundings are very calm, peaceful and very nice to enjoy along with your love ones.


Our morning activities include eating, strolling around the beach, and swimming. You can rent some cottages guys for you to have a place to rest for a while, you can also make inihaw like pork, and bangus. They also offer seafoods like crabs, shrimps, talaba, and many more, and it taste so good.



As I took some pictures, I appreciate the effort of one of the staff of patio beach for being friendly, he told me that I could capture the stairs just right away from the beach if just want too, and during that time I was inform that there is a stair connecting from the sand up to the road. Here’s the photo:


Actually the photo doesn’t describe the description that I tend to convey to all of you, but the stairs is a little bit long and it is made up of the combination of rocks and cement. We took some photos as we can.



After swimming, we build a castle which is made up of sand and its very enjoyable since it will bring you back to your childhood days.  And also my nieces buried my half body using the sand. Patio beach also offers karaoke for anyone who would like to sing a song. You can also travel to seashore using a small boat maneuvered by one of their skillful personnel. And a lot of activities which you will enjoy and have an experience if you visit this place especially during at night because there are some activities you would like bonfire, and many more.


I recommend you guys to visit patio beach because even though this is not well known as other famous beaches like boracay but still it have some uniqueness that will surely makes you amaze; this place is worth-visiting.



Tips in visiting Patio Beach:

  • It is better if you will arrive early in the morning as soon as possible, so that you will appreciate the freshness and coldness of the wind coming from the seashore.
  • Bring many foods and drinks as you can, as well as pocket money in case of emergency.
  • Bring some sunblock or any lotion to protect your skin from the heat coming from the sun.


P.S. Some of the photos contain in the website are not mine!


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  1. You Filipinos are so lucky! You have almost 8,000 beautiful islands to explore and each one has its own unique beauty to offer. I can’t wait to visit them all!

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