Sunday, 23 Jan 2022

Thai Pilot Shifts To Food Delivery Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

Some pilot from Thailand reportedly shifts to new way of earning of a living due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Co-Pilot Nakarin Inta from an interview in CNN travel.

He said, he has been four years as co-pilot in  Thai Lion Air.

Because of the lock-down, the company itself greatly effect of having no business as usual due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Because of the current situation, he has to seek another way to support his wife and four-year-old daughter by delivering food orders on his motorbike in his place.

Senior Co-pilot Nakarin Inta from his confessions in ‘Pilot Talk Thailand’, experienced challenges before becoming a pilot.

“Believe it or not, many of these conditions Not an obstacle to being a pilot at all . Many problems Can fix it . Not good at numbers, not good at English. It can be trained together .”

“Working with the students . I learned for sure. If we manage to allocate time . Age is not much fear the job done. Not an obstacle If you have discipline in reading and seeking new knowledge all the time.”

Image Source: Facebook/Nakarin Inta


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