Monday, 24 Jan 2022

The British Museum London

The Museum was based on the practical principle that the collection should be put to public use and be freely accessible. It was also grounded in the Enlightenment idea that human cultures can, despite their differences, understand one another through mutual engagement. The Museum was to be a place where this kind of humane cross-cultural investigation could happen. It still is.

The Museum aims to reach a broader worldwide audience by extending engagement with this audience. This is engagement not only with the collections that the Museum has, but the cultures and territories that they represent, the stories that can be told through them, the diversity of truths that they can unlock and their meaning in the world today.

The British Museum Company Limited was founded in 1973 by the Trustees of the British Museum to advance the educational aims of the Museum. The Company currently engages in a number of activities including wholesale and retail, licensing, publishing and the production of replicas and other merchandise.

The Museum is now looking forward to its next major building project, the World Conservation and Exhibitions Centre, which will include a new temporary exhibition space.

In 2009, the Museum was awarded the Carbon Trust Standard for its efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.


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