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The Next Boracay! Kalanggaman Beach Island in Leyte

We all know that Boracay is one of the best tourist spot here in the Philippines. Wait! Not only here in the Philippines but across the globe. Boracay Island is very popular tourist destination in foreign countries.


Kalanggaman Beach Island in Leyte

What makes Boracay more amazing place is its natural beauty with white pure sand and perfect especially for summer vacation. Unfortunately, today Boracay is temporarily closed due environmental issues that the Philippine government is still fixing. Don’t be sad darling! Not only Boracay has pure white sand beach as you can see all over the Philippines there are some best tourist white sand beaches to be with like Kalanggaman Beach Island in Leyte.


Leyte is an island in the Visayas group of the Philippines. Politically, the island is divided into two provinces such as Northern Leyte and Southern Leyte. Territorially, Southern Leyte includes the island of Panaon to its south. To the north of Leyte is the island province of Biliran, a former sub-province of Leyte.

Kalanggaman Beach Island in Leyte

The major cities of Leyte are Tacloban, on the eastern shore at the northwest corner of Leyte Gulf, and Ormoc, on the west coast. Kalanggaman Island is part of the province of Leyte, Philippines where it has beautiful beach destination located in the municipality of Palompon.



Kalanggaman Beach Island in Leyte

According to some travel bloggers who already travel there the island alone has no electricity but solar-powered lamps light up the otherwise pitch black night. On the upside, the absence of light pollution makes stargazing really enjoyable. It is far from city so the surrounding of the beach is really calm, safe, and truly relaxing.


Kalanggaman Beach Island in Leyte

The island has no privately owned resorts and a length of 753 meters only where you can camp overnight. The local government is preserving the island by allowing limited numbers of tourist per day. The local tourism provides a police to maintain the island calm and at peace.



Kalanggaman Beach Island in Leyte

It is suggested to bring your own food and bring potable water as well. There is no supply of fresh water on the island and no restaurant but you may buy some fresh sea foods from the local fishermen. You may grill it at the cooking stations on the island, but you have to bring your own firewood or charcoal.


Kalanggaman Beach Island in Leyte

Seeking for fun activities?  There are kayaks, stand-up paddles, Jet Ski, and banana boats for rent. You can swim, dive, snorker or watch and inspect life under the water.


Kalanggaman Island w/ Leyte Travel Tours and Packages:

Package 1: Open daily “overnight joiners”

Php 2600 per head/2-4 pax
Overnight stay kalanggaman

-Joiners boat
-Entrance fee and Enviromental fee
-3 full meals
-Drinking water
-Tent accomodation w/ pillow and beddings
-Emergency Light
-Kalanggaman Souvenir ref magnet

Note:Cottage is not included,due to no advance reservation in the island

For International tourist additional 550 perhead


Package 2: Open daily “daytour joiners”

Php 1,600 perhead
Daytour/2-4 pax

-Joiner boat
-Entrance fee and Enviromental fee
-Food for Lunch
-Drinking water
-Kalanggaman souvenir ref magnet

Note:Cottage is not include,due to no advance reservation in the island.

For International tourist additional P 350 perhead


Photo Sourcce:
Facebook/ Kalanggaman Island w/ Leyte Tours
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Kalanggaman Island is perfect for vacation to stress out and away from the crowd. Perfect place for relaxing, recharge from mental, emotional, and physical stress. The wonder of nature makes you happy with a great feeling inside. The island is famous for its crystal clear water, white powdery sand and long sandbars with nature. It is an amazing paradise place to be with.


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