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Top Things to Do in the Philippines

Top Things to Do in Philippines

Right now, we’re sitting in Manila and it’s a beautiful 30 degrees Celsius. It’s the perfect time to start packing for your next trip because we’ve compiled a list of the top ten things you should do when in Philippines.

The beaches are easily accessed and tend to be cheaper than other Western countries, so if you want an active vacation, you can go diving or snorkeling. But if you prefer something more relaxing, there are enormous resorts that cater to every budget and taste imaginable (from weekend getaways with spa treatments to luxury suites overlooking white sand). If you’re into exploring, there’s an interesting mix of colonial architecture and modern development.

But the best thing to do while in Philippines is relax. Don’t worry about what kind of day you’re going to have today, because every day is good here. You can visit famous tourist spots like San Juan or Boracay or have a relaxing experience like surfing at one of the many beaches. There’s even a great range of entertainment like malls and casinos with gaming machines that keep things interesting for everyone (including Filipinos).

The Church of Santo Niño in Cebu City is one of the most historical and important churches on the island. It has a very old history with parading the famous Santo Niño (Holy Child). But the church is mostly known for its world-class architecture. The Spanish style is attributed to the Jesuits who built it in 1667 after having travelled to Mexico and America. The interior is especially impressive with its gold encrusted altars, walls, and ceilings.

The Chocolate Hills are found in Bohol and even though they’re just hills, they’re worth a stop. You’ll see hundreds of these small green hills scattered around plain grassland. These hills are unique to Bohol and they’re relatively untouched by the elements. Visitors flock here to see its beauty and take pictures of themselves standing atop its ridges.

We can’t end this list without mentioning the Philippines’ most popular food – lechon (roasted pig). This simple dish can be found in every province in the country and Filipinos claim that it’s the best food in the world. The lechon is traditionally cooked by splitting a pig, stuffing it with pork, garlic, spices and herbs inside a banana leaf then roasting it over an open fire. The result is a succulent, juicy meat dish that melts in your mouth.

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