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Travel, Eat, Play, and Enjoy in Lombok, Indonesia

Travel, Eat, Play, and Enjoy in Lombok, Indonesia

Travel, Eat, Play, and Enjoy in Lombok, Indonesia. The island of Lombok is an Indonesian gem, with stunning bay views, peaceful tropical surfside villages, and rich history.

There are few places in the world where you can find lush forests, long deserted beaches with amazing snorkeling, white-sand Gili Islands in the East with just a short boat ride away. If that’s not enough to entice your wanderlust soul then read on.

Travel, Eat, Play, and Enjoy in Lombok, Indonesia. Gili Meno has long been considered one of Indonesia’s best kept secret; its pristine beauty and serene character make it one of Lombok’s most popular getaways.

Travel, Eat, Play, and Enjoy in Lombok, Indonesia. This tiny island is something out of a movie, and while it may be small, there is no shortage of things to do and sights to see.

One can easily spend a few days exploring the island and even more enjoying the white sanded beaches, the sweetest water you have ever tasted from a stand alone shower in-front of your bungalow, or just laying back on a chaise lounge to take in the gorgeous scenery. The local food is the essence of Indonesian cuisine-simple but bursting with flavor. The locals are friendly and their English skills are high enough to show you around the island if you so desire.

The highlight of Gili Meno has to be it’s fantastic snorkeling sites. The coral reefs are full of life and vibrant color, you will see a variety of marine life from clown fish to turtles, colourful fish to eagle rays. The crystal clear water is the perfect place to snorkel around at a leisure pace, or you can choose a more vigorous snorkel tour for those who want to swim a bit further out. All in all, Gili Meno is paradise on earth.

Gili Air is the second island in the Gili Islands archipelago located just north of Gili Trawangan. It’s gorgeous white sand beaches and clear aqua waters make it as picturesque as its sister islands. Its lack of commercial frenzy and relaxed vibe make it a great place to stay for a day or two. It’s only possible to get here by boat from Gili Meno so if you’ve been on the island for a while it’s a worthwhile detour.

The main attraction for me when going to the Gili Islands is found in its undiscovered gems, little known places reminding me of home, yet with a fresh touch of adventure and culture.

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