Monday, 24 Jan 2022

Travel Goals #ANNEventures of Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis Smith

Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff, without a doubt, are the most-traveled celebrity couple in the country. They travel to the famous country around the world.

Anne Curtis where most of the place she get in are the following:

2010: USA
2011: Croatia, Australia
2012: USA, Hong Kong, Portugal, France
2013: Canada, Laos, Cambodia, Sri Lanka
2014: Indonesia, Japan, Myanmar
2015: Chile, Austria, France, Nepal, Turkey
2016: Japan, Slovenia, Germany, France, Argentina, Italy, Australia, United States
2017: Australia, France, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand,
Their married life officially began in Queenstown, New Zealand.

Got to visit the home of my all time favourite poet today. What a feeling it was to be in the room where he read & wrote some of his masterpieces. Merci Mon Amour for coming today. I recall one of the first gifts you ever gave to me was a custom painted french commode with a piece of a verse that I love from one of my favourite poems – If You Forget Me – ” ah my love, ah my own, in me all that fire is repeated, in me nothing is extinguished” I know this is long but I’d like to share with …

Anne Curtis-Smith & Erwan Heussaff

And that’s a wrap!!! Done with shooting! Arigatou gozaimasu Japan. What a lovely experience. Was refreshing to see another side of the country. I’ll be back for sure. Sayonara for now. Abangan ang #ANNEsayaSaJapan #ANNEventures sa Showtime starting on December 26 @enjoyjapanpics

Tres Marias. #ANNEventures #SanPedroDeAtacama #AtacamaDesert #Chile #Awasi

It’s always nice to find someone who is as silly and as crazy as you are. #ANNEventures #SalarDeTalar #SanPedroDeAtacama #AtacamaDesert #Chile


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