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Travel Trends in 2022

Travel Trends in 2022

Travel Trends in 2022. In 2022, the world will be more networked than it is today. Machines have become so sophisticated that cars can drive themselves and artificial intelligence makes many decisions for us.

We’re also eating better, using space more efficiently, and being more creative about how we use and produce energy. But with all this change and innovation, what trends will shape the way we travel?

We dug through our data and surveyed our users in a deep-dive survey to find out what types of people would be traveling, where they’d be going, and how they’d get there. From this research, we were able to determine the five major trends that will affect the way we travel over the next decade. The big players in travel – from airlines to hotels – should consider these five trends as they plan for the future.

  1. Air travel will be less popular when compared to other modes of transportation

In 2022, when it comes to long-distance trips that require overnight stays, half of people (50%) will choose rail or ground transportation instead of flying (Figure 1).

Source: 2016/17 Skyscanner/Trigit Survey of 12,459 travellers, September 2017. Note: Respondents were asked “Which mode of transportation do you think will be your most common way to travel for urban-to-urban trips of 10+ hours?” Respondents were also shown two options for each type of trip. For example, if respondents chose an option that didn’t include flying (e.g. rail or ground transportation; or local transit; or car), they were given the option to choose “Other”. For example, if respondents chose rail as their most common way to travel, they were also shown the option to choose another mode.

We have already looked at the trends for 2020 and 2021, now let’s take a look at what Travel Trends 2022 will bring. With a new president just one year away from taking office, the United States is changing drastically. The travel market will change as well to reflect these changes. Tourism will focus more on luxury trips rather than the typical “I-want-to-exercise-my-freedom” trips that are common today.

Airbnb’s growth is predicted to continue with more people wanting to stay in residential neighborhoods where they can experience culture first hand and discover new flavors of food through exploring the streets of an untouched region without any preconceptions or tourist traps.


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