Monday, 24 Jan 2022

Uzbekistan Offers $3,000 To Travelers To Visit The Country

Uzbekistan tourism employs new travel policy to give $3,000 to travelers to visit the country once qualified.

A new Pres. decree has been signed by the President entitled, “On additional measures for the development of tourism in strict compliance with the requirements of the enhanced regime of sanitary and epidemiological security”.

The Pres. decree will help the tourism encourage more tourists to visit their country.

The Pres. decree will gives tourist $3,000 for the compensation of payments in case the tourist get infected from COVID-19.

“From the funds of Safe Tourism foundation in accordance of “Uzbekistan. Safe travel GUARANTEED” system requirements, foreign tourists are paid compensation payments in the amount of 3 thousand US dollars in case of infection with coronavirus (COVID-19) during the trip on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan,” from the Uzbekistan Pres. decree.

Image source: Uzbekistan

“The service of foreign tourists by tour operators who are resident of the Republic of Uzbekistan during the quarantine period is available only for “Uzbekistan. “Safe travel GUARANTEEEED” system in tourism and subsidiary infrastructure facilities included in the Register of safe facilities,” it added.


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