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What to Bring to the Philippines

What to Bring to the Philippines

Before you go, don’t forget to write out a packing list of all the important things you need to bring on your trip to the Philippines! Make sure you pack light by following this site’s helpful suggestions. Think about what you will need for day-to-day life there.

If there are any gaps in your knowledge, read up on our country guide for more information about what attractions and activities are available in Manila or other large cities in the Philippines.

We also recommend reading our blog post on “How Not to Get Ripped Off There” if it’s your first time visiting! You should plan to arrive at least 10 days before your course start date so that you have enough time inside the country before starting school.

Be sure to let your parents know that you will be traveling abroad! To make it easier for them when they start worrying, tell them ahead of time where you will be going and specify a date you plan to arrive. Also, make sure that your passport has at least six months of validity remaining in it.

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The most important equipment you need is the same as any other student traveling abroad: a laptop computer (or tablet) with WiFi connection and a power adapter to charge it; clothes for daily wear and comfortable shoes; toiletries; entertainment materials (i.e. books, magazines or CDs). You must have a valid passport and other travel documents (like your visa, if required) with you when you go to the Philippines.

As far as clothing goes, it is important to bring clothes that will be comfortable for common daily activities in the Philippines. This may include shorts for men to wear when doing sports, like tennis or basketball. It might also help to bring open-toed shoes suitable for wearing in many of the local churches.

Also check out this resource on Clothing and Fabrics in Asia  for basic suggestions.
Other items that you might want to include in your checklist are:

Smartphone with  Internet access  and sufficient data to post blog entries and share them with your fellow students. You can find the NAACU Facebook group for updates on the Philippines here . You can also check out the Philippines’ friend listing on Facebook here .

A pair of binoculars. Binoculars may be useful to have if you are into outdoor activities, such as watching whales, sea turtles or rainforest species.

Sunglasses, if you plan to visit Manila during the rainy season and need to avoid flying dirt onto your eyes!  Or bring a pair of sunglasses should you prefer not to visit Manila during this time.

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