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Wonders of Nature Bugtong Bato Waterfalls, Tibiao, Antique

Philippines is very abundant when it comes to natural resources. Filipino people enjoy spending their time in traveling engaging to seek for a wondrous and breath taking place, and fortuitously Philippines is one of the amazing paradise for them to be amaze through for another exciting experiences where you engage a lot of activities to have fun and most of all is to create a memorable moment along with their beloved families or love one’s either summer vacation or free time.


Even foreign people from different countries visit our country for relaxation purposes where they wonder the hidden beauty of every Pinoy’s home. This home is very glorious and blessed to have various tourist spots such as beaches, falls, landmarks, and many more to mention.


Philippines is an archipelago, consist of different regions wherein a lot of tourist spot can be seen. Every region has its own pride to introduce their treasures that includes their promise land enriching for its natural beauty to anyone.


One of the most precious gift from God to humans is this marvelous waterfalls name Bugtong-Bato Falls, to explore its natural beauty. Bugtong Bato falls is located at Tibiao, with the zip code 5707 located in Antique. It is one of the most visited spot in Antique because of its attracting view and a fact that it is very suitable for someone who needed to take a dip to a cold, relaxing, and refreshing water. It is good for those persons who love to picnic and swim.


But for all and for most, before you can proceed to this falls, you will experience trekking that last about thirty minutes or more depending how fast you walk, while walking you will definitely see a rice fields, different kind of plants or trees and many more, you will climb up to the top, aided by crude steps and ropes to hang on.

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Beads of sweat will be the result but it’s all worth it when at the time you already reach the falls since the view is breath-taking and pleasant to the eyes. You will feel peace within yourself for some reasons where the surroundings are quite good enough. Most of the sounds you hear are coming from the birds and breeze of fresh clean air that is so refreshing. When it comes to water level where some parts of it is shallow or not too deep that even younger ones who cannot swim can handle themselves.


In this kind of attraction, there are seven levels of waterfalls located in Antique where you can go to have a better view or moments along with someone who value you the most. But reminder, that this is a bit more challenging because you need to be more extra careful when it comes to the stairs that are slippery and carved out of the soil and rocks. The stairs are an almost upright climb thus you need to hold with the ropes built into it, to help you from going up. Going here in Bugtong-Bato falls is a great and such a memorable experience!


Tips in visiting Bugtong-bato falls:

  • Please bring a bottle of water to lessen your thirst while do a trekking.
  • Wear any hats or protection for heat coming from the rays of sun. Wear rubber shoes, and suitable clothes for this kind of activity.
  • You should be careful especially in climbing using the stairs to prevent slippery (especially if the weather is not in good terms).
  • You can bring some foods for picnics purposes.


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